Photo Syndication

Share your pictures or video with the world

Do you have incredible pictures or an amazing video you think the world should see?

Kennedy News and Media work with talented photographers across the globe to ensure they get the recognition – and the cash – they deserve. Every day we supply jaw-dropping images to the world’s media and set the agenda in the stories that get people talking.

Using our extensive network of contacts, from the entire British newspaper and magazine industry to websites, channels and publications across the world, Kennedy News and Media ensure if you’ve got content that needs to be seen, the world sees it.

With our transparent payment system, you can see how much your images make from each publication so that you can spend your time thinking about that next award-winning shot.

If you think you have pictures or videos of interest, get in touch – your work could be gracing front pages the world over before you know it.

If you have a story, picture or video that you think could be of interest, why not give one of our friendly team a call to discuss it at any time on 0161 697 4266 or email us at news [at] kennedynews [dot] co [dot] uk.